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  Mosquito Patch   Using SKEET-X Mosquito Patch means having safe fun in the outdoors again!Chemical Free Mosquito Patch
Now it's Possible to Protect Yourself
against Disease Carrying Insects
without Using Harmful Chemicals!

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They help people reduce their
exposure to mosquito bites that
may carry potentially serious ...
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Skeet-X Patch Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skeet-X Patch?
SKEET-X Mosquito Patch is a topically applied patch that wards off mosquitoes and other biting insects! This can be extremely important in maintaining a safe environment when you are outside whether it's just weekend camping or in disaster areas like that left by Hurricane Katrina. Skeet-X can help you be prepared for the next hurricane, natural disaster or just camping. And it is 100% natural, safe, and harmless to children and pets, yet so effective it keeps blood-sucking insects away for up to 36 hours!

Is Skeet-X Patch Safe?
SKEET-X is 100% DEET-FREE! Research has shown that Thiamin (vitamin B1), the key ingredient in SKEET-X, when topically applied, helps ward off insects such as mosquitoes and flies. The thiamin-based formulation of SKEET-X works with your body’s own chemistry to put up an invisible “barrier” that biting insects can’t stand! SKEET-X contains no pesticides. SKEET-X is totally safe and approved for use in children as young as one year of age!

How Long Does 1 Patch Last?
One SKEET-X Mosquito Patch, applied anywhere you like creates a powerful, invisible shield against mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. Within two hours of application the “skeeters” will know that you’re off limits! The effects last up to 36 hours – even during hot or humid weather!

How Should I Apply the Skeet-X Patch?
Remove backing and apply patch to clean, dry, and hairless skin at least two hours before protection is needed against biting insects. The patch should be worn for up to 24 hours.

Wich Ingredients are Used in Skeet- X Patch?
Each patch contains 75mg Thiamin B1.

How many Patches should I wear?
One patch for children one year of age and older. One or two patches for adults and children over 30 pounds.

How does traditional Mosquito Repellent Work?
Female mosquitoes bite people and animals because they need the protein found in blood to help develop their eggs. Mosquitoes are attracted to people by skin odors and carbon dioxide from breath. Repellents make the person unattractive for feeding. Repellent does not kill mosquitoes; it just makes them unable to locate us.

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How Do Mosquitos Find You?

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that you exhale or perspire. They can sense it from far away. There's nothing you can do about this... after all, you have to breathe!

That's why there's SKEET-X,
the topically applied patch that's always ready to protect you at a
moment's notice no matter where you are!

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